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WebGain says that Visual Cafe "gives developers the fastest, most productive visual programming environment ever for creating Java applets and applications." Usually, this would be corporate puffery. Well, in this case, WebGain is actually understating the power of Visual Cafe. As the Web grows more crowded, you need a way to make your Web site stand out. With Java, you can do this by adding interactivity. Unfortunately, Java is not easy to program. But with Visual Cafe, you will be able to add interactivity with minimal complexity. Visual Cafe's integrated development environment (IDE) is built for rapid application design (RAD). If you know how to drag and drop, then you should feel comfortable with the IDE. It seems that everything on the screen can be dragged and dropped. In fact, Visual Cafe supports two-way editing. For example, if you type in new code for a T... (more)

Able Commerce Developer 2.6

True, it's possible to do just about anything with ColdFusion. But if there's already a solution on the market that's well tested, why reinvent the wheel? Take AbleCommerce Developer 2.6. With AbleCommerce you don't have to spend thousands of hours of programming time to create a sophisticated e-commerce store. In a sense, AbleCommerce gives you the best of both worlds. If you want to customize the store, you can use ColdFusion and not have to learn another scripting language. If you don't want to do much programming, you can use over 300 wizards and templates to create a quick co... (more)

e-Test Suite

There's nothing more annoying (and scary) than putting your credit card information on a Web site and getting a server error...This happened to me when I tried to buy an airline ticket...I entered my information three times...and was charged for three tickets. In the wild west of the Web, it's crucial to have airtight Web sites...So how can you test for such things?...One way, of course, is to purchase an automated tool...One definitely worth considering is e-TEST Suite from RSW Software. The first tool is e-Tester, a scripting tool that puts your Web site through the wringer –... (more)


During the past several years, Borland has been in the doghouse as the stock price has languished. But with new management, the company has been showing strong signs of resurgence. Evidence of this is the release of JBuilder, an integrated development environment for Java. But instead of being a tool to make cool Java applets for Web sites, JBuilder is positioned for what Borland calls the "InfoNet," which includes corporate development for the Internet, intranet and extranet. Borland has three JBuilder flavors. First, you can buy the Standard Edition ($99), which is primarily f... (more)

Electronic Commerce Suite 3.0

If you want to create your own, then you should try iCat's Electronic Commerce Suite 3.0 Professional Edition. iCat started developing e-commerce software in 1993, when was just an idea in Jeff Bezo's brain. However, the Electronic Commerce Suite Professional Edition is not for a small Web site because you will need to shell out $9,995. But, if you have a company with lots of products, then the Commerce Suite will have all the features you need. If you go to the Web site, you can see several demos of iCat catalogs, including an online book stor... (more)